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Patrizia Zewe, Kunstsaloniere

Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Paul Hitter "FOLK"

© Tobias Tschepe

Paul Hitter - malerei

studied at the ART ACADEMY MUNICH in the class of prof.nikolaus lang and prof. karin kneffel.

 my painting is a mix of folf art - inspired by gypsy culture, jewish culture, romanian culture, slavic culture and pure expressionism.
this is reunited under the title of " balkan expressionism ".
because i am coming from balkan ground, because balkan is encapturing such a variety of cultures, because balkan is a sort of modern jerusalem.
it is a mind blowing mix and you will probably either love or hate it. "

freitag, 30.3.2012 vernissage ab 19 uhr
© Elena Nazare

samstag, 1.4.2012 von 14 - 19 uhr
sonntag, 2.4.2012 von 14 - 19 uhr

karfreitag 6.4. und ostersonntag 8.4. 2012 von 14 - 19 uhr

bis 22.4.2012 nach vereinbarung

highlight am vernissageabend:
"Zidaru Ionel & Band - balkan session"

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